There is plenty to see in Thailand but the journey to get there can also create a stopover opportunity adding an extra dimension to your holiday. This depends on your flight routing, interest in the stopover city and the time available. None of the stopover options below require an entry visa

Middle East

If you fly with one of the Gulf airlines then you will have the opportunity to break your journey on the way. Ultra modern Dubai (Emirates) is very popular but also consider rival Abu Dhabi (Etihad) and friendly Muscat (Oman Air) for something different.

Hong Kong

A longer route but Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific) is a vibrant modern metropolis with significant colonial history and well worth a visit. Shopping and eating will keep you busy here.


It is now possible to visit China on a 72 hour visa free basis so route via Beijing (China Airlines), Shanghai (China Eastern) or Guangzhou (China Southern) for a glimpse of China. Fares are low but the journey can be lengthy.

Malaysia and Singapore

You have to fly past Thailand to get to either of these two countries but both Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia Airlines) and Singapore (Singapore Airlines) are fascinating modern Asian cities to visit. These high quality airlines offer direct flights to several Thai airports so it is not necessary to route back via Bangkok.

South Korea

State of the art and electronics obsessed Seoul (Asiana, Korean Airlines) can be visited on a lengthy route to or from Thailand for a spot of gadget shopping.